1. Competing against yourself will get you the best results.

Just know that everyone at Sammamish is an athlete and champion in the eyes of our coaches and your Sammamish community. You win every day you show up! We are CrossFitters too, and know the amazing feeling of finishing a workout a little faster than the next guy or gal. But if that is your primary objective every day, you are missing the point. Beat the "you" from last week instead!

2. Scale, Scale, Scale.

Every Sammamish workout can modified to fit every single athlete's current physical state. Even scaled workouts will give you the intensity and results you seek. Our priorities for our athletes are a.) Establish Form/Technique b.) Add difficulty as the athlete shows progress, and finally c.) Increase the volume of work relative to the athlete's capabilities. Doing workouts "as prescribed" with crappy form will get you hurt and stunt your progress. We see too much of this in CrossFit and it's not our way. Trust us, you will eventually surpass those that move too quickly to workouts beyond their technicals abilities. Invest up front in doing things right - it will pay dividends for years to come.

3. You can't out-work a bad diet.

We don't prescribe to any one specific diet. We've had clients have success on Paleo, the Zone, Whole 30 and just simply adding in more whole nutritious foods. While we feel like eating healthy whole foods is a great way to go, we also understand that drastic overnight changes are usually not sustainable long term. Instead we advocate making smaller lasting changes over time that will build on each other. Ask us questions, attend our nutrition seminars, do your own research.

4. If you don't know or don't understand please ask us!

Our coaches are experts and have dedicated themselves to having a gym full of athletes with more practical knowledge than most "personal trainers." That said, we don't know it all. If you ask a question and we don't know, we know someone that does. Expect a lot from your coaches. We are here to help you!

5. Keep CrossFit in Perspective.

Research shows that people spend the vast majority of their time in 3 places: Home, Work, "Third Place". We hope that Sammamish is meaningful "Third Place" for our members. But it shouldn't be all you think, say, or obsess about. Time enjoying others or other things in your life will make our CrossFit time even better.

6. The workouts never get easy.

However, your tolerance for suffering during a workout will improve. Ok - we tried to make it sound better but there is no way around it. The "kool-aid" is the intensity and what gets results. You will have a serious "love-hate" relationship with CrossFit. Doing hard things in the gym will make you more capable of doing hard things in life - what price tag would you put on that? Try getting that out of 3 sets of 10 on a pec deck!!

7. Have Fun!

We love to see our members smile after a tough work out or at a local fundraiser. Things do get "serious" at 3-2-1 Go! But after we give it our all we cheer on others to finish and cherish the community that is CrossFit. Approach your workouts like kids do recess time - play hard, make friends, smile often!

8. Rest and Recovery are as important as the workouts.

A lot could be written here but suffice it to say no one should be doing CrossFit workouts 7 days a week/365 days a year. We recommend 3-5 CrossFit sessions a week depending on your overall plan. That leaves plenty of time to let the body recover so you can go 100% the next week.

9. The magic is the Community.

Ask anyone who has been CrossFitting for some time and they will tell you it's like a tribe, a cult (not the bad kind), a way of life they share with 1000's of others. You have something special offer our community and will get so much in return. You are connected to the Community of Fit!

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