Drop Ins

We love nothing more than having visitors from other boxes come “throw down” with us.

If you are just passing through town, we don't charge a drop-in fee. However, if you dig our gear, you can buy a sweater or a T-shirt! We'd love to have you rock it proudly! If you're around for longer than a day or two, we can work something out. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before scheduled class time so we can put eyeballs on you and fill out our liability waiver (our insurance friends make us do this) and introduce you to our box. You can find our class schedule here.

You may find that Sammamish CrossFit does things a little differently than your “box back home.” We hope that you enjoy the change in scenery, clientele, maybe even music (One of our coaches squats to country. It's a fact, not a judgement). If anything makes you uncomfortable, however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter who would like to join Sammamish CrossFit, great! We are thrilled to welcome you. The first step to get you going is to meet with one of our coaches to write out your individually tailored fitness and nutrition programs. The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. From there, all that is left is the execution!


Give us your email address and someone will contact you shortly to schedule your free intro class! It’s that simple.


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