February 7, 2016
February 8, 2016

CARA | January athlete of the month

Congratulations to our january athlete of the month – CARA!

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Cara is an unbelievable athlete! I have never seen someone so foreign to CrossFit come in and intently kick ass at it. She is one of those people that will pour every once of energy into whatever she does, and when she decided this was something she wanted to be good at, no power on earth was going to stop her. I throw some pretty nasty workouts at my athletes, and Cara is one of the few that ALWAYS look at the cluster on the board and goes, “AWESOME!” She always brings a ton of fun to any class she comes to, and of course drags people to RPM class with her after (because who doesn’t want to cycle after squats?!).

Here is what out January superstar had to say!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what made you try Crossfit?

Hello….a little about me…..here you go…. I am 37 years old, married to my lovely hubby Paul for 10 years, awesome mother ☺ to Scarlett (9) and Hugo (8)…..and from England ☺….been living here for 7.5 years..

Trying crossfit specifically was a VERY spur of the moment decision for me…..was feeling a little lost in my current training at the time, I had been teaching group fitness classes for 5 years and competing in physique competitions for 4 years…I was tired, uninspired and bored, and really searching for something else…I even tried hot yoga!! (if you know me, you will know that yoga is NOT my thing, clearly I was desperate)…..so what did I do?? At 11.30am one morning (I even remember the time….) I got on the internet…mapped out all the gyms local to Sammamish (I’m lazy, I didn’t want to go far!)….and the closest was Sammamish Crossfit….I have friends who Crossfit, but I had always been doing other things so never gave a thought to try it out….On that particular day I remember feeling pretty low and desperate to do something different, and thinking “what the heck….just go try it out…”….got my butt to the 12.30pm class that same day….and the rest, as they say, is history ☺

2. What is your favorite Crossfit memory? Or best accomplishment so far?

Ha, I have a few; memories and accomplishments….walking into the gym for the very first time….awesome memory! I LOVED the Christmas eve wod as there were so many members and friends and families there, I love that no matter what time of day I rock up to class I get to hang out and train with an awesome bunch of people – great memories every day ☺…accomplishments? Getting to deadlift over 200lbs….THE SPLIT JERK…OMG AWESOME fun to learn, and I got it on video so I occasionally watch it in disbelief that I am actually doing that!! Front squats….loved learning to do those….OVERHEAD SQUATS…..SO COOL!! Anything Olympic lifting…I have a new love….Olympic lifting….can you tell I’m excited?? Haha….MORE OLYMPIC LIFTING!! ☺

3. If you could design your ideal workout, what would it be?

Did I mention Olympic lifting? Ok, when you say ideal, do you mean what I’d kick butt at???? If I’m going to crush a wod time it will usually involve box jumps and running….NOT double unders….still suck at those – hahahaha

4. What would you tell someone who wants to try Crossfit but is too intimidated to check it out?

To take the plunge, don’t think about it too much and don’t take it too seriously, we all start at different levels and Isaac has us covered no matter where we start our crossfit journey….have fun with it, the more you enjoy it the more likely you are to keep coming back for more…..and we’re all really nice ☺

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